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FR88I/O RS232 Serial Port Control Relay Board

4 Optically Isolated Inputs

4 Analog/Digital Inputs

4 Relay Outputs

4 Darlington Outputs

FLASH-Based Microcontroller PIC16F886

Pre-programmed Bootloader

With 14K Bytes Flash Program Memory,

368 bytes RAM, 256 bytes EEPROM


Easy-to-Program with Visual BASIC, C or LabVIEW programs

Come with Sample Code and Firmware

Assembled and Tested


  • Double side PCB trace can carry 10A current between Relays and Terminals
  • 4 x Relay outputs, contacts rated 250VAC / 30DC @ 10A
  • 4 x Darlington outputs, sinking current 500mA. Can drive stepping motor
  • 4 x Optically isolated inputs, input range voltage 5 to 12VDC
  • 4 x Digital/Analog input, input range voltage 0 to 5 VDC.
  • PIC16F886 pre-programmed with bootloader, you can download your PIC program don't need a programmer
  • 14K Bytes Flash Program Memory, 368 bytes RAM, 256 bytes EEPROM
  • Oscillator speed 8MHz default, up to 20MHz
  • Accept both 28-pin DIP PIC16F and PIC18F microcontrollers
  • In circuit programming and debugging ports for PICStart and PICKit 2 connection
  • RS232 (DB9 female), I2C and SPI communication ports
  • Works with computer RS232 serial port or USB to serial adapter
  • Need a DB9 straight through M/F (Male/Female) serial cable link to the computer RS232 serial port
  • Indication LED’s for output and input status
  • Screw Terminal Blocks for Relay outputs, input channels and 12V Power Input
  • Power input 12VDC / 500mA
  • Dimensions: 4.72 x 3.75 x 0.78 inches (120 x 95 x 20mm)
  • 4 x d3mm mounting holes


Shipping Included:




FR88I/O Board


Serial Port Relay Board with A Programmed PIC16F886



Board test program, firmware and source code. (Send by email)



Relay board and test program manual. (Send by email)

Reference and Datasheets Download:

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